What kind My Bed Mattress?

Bed mattress is a rectangular shape and large pad for supporting reclining body; design as a bed or as a bed part like bad frames. Mattresses generally consist of a heavy cloth that may contain straw, take, cotton, foam rubber etc. or a framework of metal spring. It can also be air or water. MyBedmattress on the top of bed base that is mainly solid, as in the case of an elastic band. Mattresses may also be filled with a variety of natural fibers, such as in futons. Kapok and coir are common mattress materials in South Asia.
Good sleep depends on a lot of different factors such as comfort, stress level, room temperature; but to go get all this, you have to start with the basics and mattress comes first for restful slumber. Experts say if you wake up in the morning and have low back pain and can get rid of it in 15 or 20 minutes, that means your bed mattress is not appropriate for you. On the other side, if you feel like floating in the air and no pressure, that would be right mattress to choose. Experts also suggest testing new bed mattresses in the store and lying down on each mattress in the position in which you normally sleep at night. Once you get it home, you can also replicate the way of sleeping on the mattress. It betters your chances of selecting the best one.
Types of Bed Mattress
• Pillow-top mattress
In pillow-top mattress have additional layer sewn onto the top of it, as if there is an additional layer of the pillow on it. This layer fills with a variety of fibre and foam material.
• Special Foam Mattress
These mattresses use various type of foam such as polyurethane, memory or latex for the support system. The foam may contain gel or other material.
• Gel Mattress
Gel mattress use foam that only contains get in the product’s support system or upholstery layers. It can offer customer next level comfort, feel and heat control features. The foaming gel added in mattress using special technology.
• Hybrid mattress
A hybrid mattress is a combination of a steel coil support system. It would be one or more types of foams such as polyurethane, memory etc. The foams may contain gel or other materials.
• Latex mattress
A latex mattress contains latex foam as the support system and also in the upholstery layers or both. Usually, Latex may be made from plant- or petroleum-based materials.
• Airbed Mattress
These mattresses contain adjustable air chamber as the supporting system. The air chamber of a residential air bed covered with padding material. It would be unlike mattresses used for camping. Airbed is adjustable, so it allows controlling separately in order to meet the individual and changing needs of the couple.
• Waterbed
Waterbeds use a water chamber as the support system in it. Waterbeds are of two types: soft-sided beds and hard sided beds. In hard side waterbed, water chamber is inside a rectangular wood frame and in soft side waterbed; water chamber is inside a frame of rigid foam, which is basically zipped inside a fabric casing.