Rental service programs

Many car rental companies offer affiliate programs, where they give the people the opportunity to connect with this business. These are online affiliation programs. This has become a very rapidly growing business among the masses.

The online affiliate program offers you a very easy and a fast way to generate revenues for your website. Once you relate to the online affiliation program and become a member of it then you can advertise and promote a renting service, through the links which will be provided to you by the company.


                Our company provides a unique experience for you to work with. We have a wide selection of vehicles available in all the major cities. In addition to this, our website offers multilingual and different currency options to facilitate our clients. We have an ever-growing list of travel partners. We offer travelers an opportunity to make the best choice according to their requirements.


                Online affiliation programs are very simple to work with. The moment you advertise links on the website, you will get paid the commission percentage each time a client clicks on the link. Our company pays all the new car rental affiliates a total of 3% commission for each successfully accomplished car rental booking referred from your link. These rates for commission are not final, they can be negotiated for high performers. If the number of successfully completed car rentals increases after being referred by your website, your commission can also increase as well.

We as a company keep a check on all the attribution and monitor all the transactions with the help of commission junction. On the other hand as an affiliate, you will also have access to advertising materials and resources. Our online affiliation program is absolutely free of cost. We do not have any hidden charges.


                As an online affiliate of our program, you have the responsibility to advertise and promote our content. You should be able to publicize our offers and travel deals that we provide our customers with by giving them a link to visit our website. You can use as many links as you want on your site. Not only this you can promote our website to your opt-in- email and can also advertise through various search engine results. All the creative content that we provide you, such as banners, logos and text links they cannot be modified or altered in any case.


                In case you do not have an affiliate account on commission junction, then you can connect and become a member of our online affiliation program right now. It does not take much time and is absolutely free of cost. Although if you are already a member of our community and have an account on commission junction, you can simply apply to our online program and get registered. You will be notified of your approval as a member of this program via an email within 5-7 working days.