Track Your Pregnancy Week-By-Week To Know More About Your Baby Life In Womb

Just a thought of getting pregnant can make your day a little bit brighter. Giving birth to another human being is a great boon given by, in general, for women. Watching baby life in womb is a wonderful feeling that a woman can ever experience in her life. Seeing your husband turn into a father when he touches your belly and kisses it and those amazing pregnancy dreams in which every remote person from your past life makes some sort of appearance are some of the great experiences you can get only while you are pregnant. None of these dreams can even begin to be understood or analysed. While you are pregnant, your friends and family call to check in more often and your husband gives you more foot rubs, colleagues volunteer to get lunch for you and many wonders take place in your life.

Pregnancy in general is divided into three stages. This division, in particular, will be helpful to the describe the symptoms that the woman may experience.

1st Trimester

From 1st week to 12th week, it is considered as first trimester.

By the time, the pregnancy reaches the 28th day, the embryo gets strongly attached to the uterine cavity lining and will be slightly visible to the human eye. At this initial stage, extreme changes take place, and in fact, women could be unaware of her pregnancy until she misses her first period. This embryo is about half an inch length and consists a visible nervous system, body, and starting of minute limit buds. Though it is not visible on ultrasound scan, the heartbeat of the baby begins by the end of the fourth week. By the completion of 12 weeks, hips, knees, shoulders begin will get formed, and limbs start to grow rapidly. As at this stage spine is totally formed, the embryo will even make little movements. However, the mother will be unaware of these very small movements for many weeks yet.

Women during this trimester may develop few morning sicknesses like nausea and vomiting. There will be creamy white discharge often from the vagina. She may also suffer from the frequency of urination and can get enlarged breasts. Most women get lower abdominal pains during this time; these are mainly due to stretching of the ligaments and muscles of the pelvis.

Second Trimester

The second trimester is the period from a 13th week to 28th week.

During the first week of this trimester, the foetus continues to grow rapidly. The baby limbs get properly formed, and the joints will start moving vigorously. Even toes and fingers get into a proper shape, and the nails get formed. Though the baby head continues to be quite large when compared to the size of the body, at this stage, there will be rapid growth in the body. At this stage, baby primary sex characteristics become visible even to the normal observer. At this stage, even face of the baby will get matured to the extent that that baby can frown and smile. By the end of this trimester, the baby eyes begin to open and close. Baby continues to move very fastly at this stage.

Third trimester

The third trimester is from 29 weeks to 40 weeks.

At this trimester, the foetus is perfectly formed, and the head will be in proportion to the body. Babies are always born with blue eyes, and this colour might change within minutes of delivery. In general, the normal weight of a full-term baby will be around eight pounds. Babies whose body weights is less than six pounds are considered as very low birth weight babies, and they need to be under nursing care for the first few months of life.

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